Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Party Crashers: Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World' exhibit

There's an interesting comics art exhibit at the Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, Va. Loved the displays; Not sure about most of the art, though. A lot of it didn't seem like it would fall into the definition of comics art. I still have to digest it and read the booklet that gives context to the show, so I'll reserve critical comment until then. (Photos taken with permission of the center.)

Some work of the brilliant Warren Craghead III.

A view of one of the rooms.

Displays of the works of Jeffrey Brown (original pages and 
a sketch book of comics pages). I'm still stunned how small
he can draw.

Deb Sokolow's 15-foot wall comic.

The great Jim Rugg.

Joshua Cotter's work was next to Rugg's work, so I call this
the AdHouse Books Corner.

A full eight-page story featuring Rugg's Afrodisiac character.

Jamar Nicholas translated Geoffrey Canada's book into a graphic novel. Here are some pages.

The image above and the two below feature the art of Dash Shaw. 
His animation seemed to be the focus.