Sunday, October 17, 2010

Richmond Zine Fest

Andrew Cohen, Steve Loya and I exhibited at the Richmond Zine Fest on Saturday and, as usual, we had a grand time. Seemed liked foot traffic was better this year, probably because parking was easier and it was a sunny, crisp day. There were a number of comics folks there, which is always awesome.

Andrew Cohen at our table.

Andrew again, right next to the women of Lips:

A view from the other side.

A lot of folks thumbed through the D.C. Conspiracy
Dremo anthologies.

More Lips.

Things really start picking up about 2 p.m.,
which is probably when most college kids are
getting rolling.  

Rusty Rowley and Joe Mochove of Full Sanction 
always have fun, new stuff at their table.

The cool folks at Black Light Diner distribution.

Gotta love the belt with bullet shells. We actually
had a nice conversation about mythology and origins.
We also sold a number of Brewmaster's Castle and
Adam's Any Army!

Steve was doing his splotch monster watercolor illos all day and 
I think selling pretty well. Here he barters one of his illos for 
organically grown kale!